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Articles in Category: Home Lighting Design

Explore the dynamic convenience of smart home lighting design, from energy efficiency and increased safety to sophisticated ambiance and more.

The Elements of Home Lighting Design

Work with a partner that understands technology and aesthetics

The Elements of Home Lighting Design

Builders in Jacksonville, FL, face many challenges when trying to incorporate smart technology into their plans. Not only does it have to function seamlessly, but it also has to work with the agreed aesthetic determined by the designer and architect. At Alpha Dog AVS, we understand this unique position, and we partner with builders to help you navigate the complex world of integrated technology. Among the most common issues we find is the need for professionals that understand home lighting design. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the essential elements of lighting design and why you should work with a technology partner that understands it.

3 Tips for Brilliant Home Lighting Design

Illuminate Your Spaces with Thoughtfully Crafted Lighting

3 Tips for Brilliant Home Lighting Design

Unless you’re an interior designer, you probably don’t think much about the lighting in your home beyond its purpose to help you see. But there’s a lot more to lighting than your standard overhead lights and lamps.

When thoughtfully designed, lighting can highlight your artwork, accent architectural features, and add life to your hallways and staircases. What’s more, today’s smart lighting solutions make adjusting and controlling each fixture in your home a breeze.

Kick your home lighting design up a notch in St. Augustine, FL with these three tips from our smart lighting control experts at Alpha Dog.