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Alpha Dog secures properties in Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville, FL with top smart home security cameras and solutions. Explore our services here.

4 Optimal Locations for Installing Your Home Security Cameras

Learn How to Keep the Perimeter of Your Florida Home Secure

4 Optimal Locations for Installing Your Home Security Cameras

On our blog, we’ve discussed the benefits of incorporating home security cameras into your St. Augustine, FL, surveillance and security system. Not only can security cameras help deter crime by their visible presence, but they help you keep watch over every aspect of your property with the aid of your smart device – be it a tablet, smartphone, your TV, or a touch panel installed in your home.

At Alpha Dog, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the security industry and are continually researching the latest technologies and trends. According to the FBI, more than $12 billion of property is stolen each year, but a well-placed camera can help you both deter crime and identify thieves if a burglary occurs.

Keep reading to learn four important locations on the perimeter of your home where you can install security cameras.

4 Reasons You Should Have Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Keep an Eye on What’s Happening Outside Your Home

4 Reasons You Should Have Outdoor Home Security Cameras

The most important items you possess likely live inside your home, which is why having indoor surveillance cameras is crucial in the event of a burglary. But what about your home’s perimeter? After all, a property break-in always starts from outside.

Integrating outdoor home security cameras into your surveillance system does much more than help prevent break-ins before they happen. Read below to learn four advantages of using outdoor security cameras to keep an eye on your home in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, or Jacksonville, Florida.