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Alpha Dog Security installs custom home technologies such as smart home security, home automation, lighting control, networks, and more. 

Smart Home Security That Suits Your Needs

Find The Level of Protection That Fits Your Home.

Smart Home Security That Suits Your Needs

Your home is a sanctuary; it should be a place where you can unwind and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. An intelligent house provides many conveniences that make your life easier and more comfortable to enhance the way you live. Integrating a smart home security system gives you peace of mind, assuring you that your home and the people you care for are protected. 

At Alpha Dog Security, we recognize that not all Jacksonville, FL, homes have the same security needs. We offer a line of packages to best suit your home while allowing for future expansion as your needs grow. To earn more about our systems and expert design, read below.

3 Ways Smart Home Security Solutions Make for a Safer Halloween

Protect Your Family and Home This Upcoming Holiday Season

3 Ways Smart Home Security Solutions Make for a Safer Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, things might look a little different this year – but there are still some prevalent worries that can arrive with this spooky season. While the neighborhood and community are typically out and about during the night, it’s easy to think all is well with your property.

However, as there are many distractions on Halloween – handing out candy, setting up more decorations, etc. – you might miss when someone takes advantage of the busy night, and something goes awry.

A smart home security system means your family and Jacksonville, FL home stays protected today, on every holiday, and all year long. Find out which smart security solutions are a must for your property by reading on below!

Why You Should Be Using Visual Video Verification smart security helps you avoid false alarms

Why You Should Be Using Visual Video Verification

Did you know that up to 90 percent of the home security alarms police respond to are false? It’s a waste of time and resources for the city, plus it puts your Jacksonville home in even greater danger if there’s a real emergency. But you should be able to enjoy the benefits of smart security, which means not having to deal with systems that don't work correctly. In this blog, we'll show you how avoids false alarms so you can rely on your system to keep you safe.

Here are the Basic Components of Smart Home Security

Keep Your Family Safe With a Custom Security Solution

Here are the Basic Components of Smart Home Security

At Alpha Dog AVS, we love working with homeowners throughout Florida’s First Coast to build and install smart security systems for their properties.

But what does that mean? What exactly does “smart” security entail?

In this post, we explore the basics of smart home security and explain how it can help you keep your property in the Jacksonville, Florida area secure.

Just keep reading below to find out more.