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Articles in Category: Video Distribution System

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Video Distribution System?

Consider Upgrading Your Equipment With Sony 4K Products

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Video Distribution System?

If you own a home video distribution system, you likely already know some of the most important benefits they provide.

All you need to do is connect a media source such as a satellite or AV receiver, Blu-Ray player, streaming device or gaming system to a matrix switch. The switch then connects to each TV within your home through cabling.

From there, you can have access to your home’s video sources from any TV you desire. 

But how do you know whether your video distribution system is producing the best content quality possible? Well, it could come down to the products you’re using. 

Below, we’ll share some Sony 4K-compatible devices that instantly can improve the distribution network within your St. Augustine, FL home.