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Are You Wondering Why mPERS Devices Are Necessary?

Here Are Four Ways a Medical Alert Device Can Help You or a Loved One

Are You Wondering Why mPERS Devices Are Necessary?

More and more older Americans opt for the trend of “aging in place” instead of uprooting their lives to move to an assisted living center. The number one reason for this is due to wanting to stay in their own home and to be closer to family and friends. Another concern is cost – moving is expensive – and the loss of autonomy.

Luckily, mPERS devices (mobile personal emergency response systems) are available to support aging in place and provide a sense of freedom with an additional layer of comfort and security. In this blog, we’ll offer a few reasons why now may be the best time to consider an mPERS device for a loved one.

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Fall Risk

It is an unfortunate fact that those aged 65 or older are more likely to experience a fall in their homes. According to the CDC, 28% of these adults report a fall each year, and 20% of falls cause a more serious injury like a broken bone or head injury. With an mPERS device, your loved one is connected 24/7 to a remote monitoring center via Verizon 4G LTE. No base station or home landline is required, and the devices include built-in fall detection, GPS and Wi-Fi location services.

Live Alone

Many of our older loved ones live alone. Both of you may be concerned that they won’t be able to receive help in case of a fall or other medical emergency, so using the Belle+ mPERS from Alpha Dog will provide the peace of mind you need. The device is comfortable to wear as a pendant or on a belt holster, and it’s lightweight and water-resistant. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 days, and emergency contacts are even notified when the battery gets low so you can communicate with your loved one to charge the device.

Health Issues

Heart conditions, uneven gait, and recovery from medical interventions are all reasons someone may need additional personal home monitoring. Because mPERS devices are within arm’s reach instead of across the room like a telephone, they assist people more quickly in case of emergencies.

If a fall is detected, an alert is received by the remote care specialist team, and you and your loved one are contacted immediately. In case of no response, a medical team is dispatched to assess the incident. The care team has essential information about your loved one at their fingertips, such as the location of lockboxes for response teams, allergies to medications and preferred hospitals for care.

Living in Place

Personal autonomy is an important aspect of growing older, so the trend of aging in place has increased over the last decade. Luckily, with technological innovations like Belle+, we can assist our beloved family members as they embark on living their golden years in their own home instead of in an assisted living community.

No matter if you live nearby in Jacksonville or are across the country, a medical alert system can help you protect your family and friends. Call us today at 1-904-ALPHA95 or chat with us at the bottom of your screen!