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Check Out These Commercial Security Solutions

Make Your Business Run Smoothly with Top-Quality Technology That’s Easy to Use

Check Out These Commercial Security Solutions

Most businesses have some type of security or alarm system that helps them keep an eye on the property. Oftentimes, though, business owners may skimp on a system’s features to curb costs, and that’s unfortunate because a comprehensive commercial security solution is more than a simple building alarm.

At Alpha Dog, we specialize in a variety of security and surveillance technologies for residential and commercial markets. These systems not only provide peace of mind but can protect your company’s assets and lower long-term costs.

Keep reading to learn about the variety of commercial security solutions we offer to our Jacksonville, FL, clients.

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Security & Surveillance

No matter the size of your Florida business, you should consider these features as the baseline of any security solution you select. You will receive a smart device notification, phone call, or email – the method is up to you – when the building is opened and closed for the day, if entry locations have been tampered with, or if motion is detected.

You will also receive alerts when the building is not opened by specific times. This is imperative if you run a business where you rely on other staff to start the day’s operation at a specified time, such as a retail store or restaurant. You will receive alerts if the building alarm is not armed in the evenings at closing time, too.

Besides receiving alerts, you can monitor your commercial property utilizing surveillance cameras. These cameras allow you to further investigate why you received an alert or let you check in on building operations throughout the day when you are not on-site.

Access Control & Remote Access

With access control and entry system monitoring, you can place limitations on staff and customers. Keypads and biometric technology can provide entry to critical areas requiring staff to have a specific security clearance level.

Whether you own an expansive warehouse or a smaller mom-and-pop establishment, your business will be monitored anytime and anywhere. Use your smart device to check in on your business in Jacksonville while you’re away for the weekend or rely solely on our central monitoring system to keep an eye on the property.

Environment Detection

Why not add an additional layer of security with innovative technologies that can prevent massive loss? If you have refrigerated areas that must be kept below a certain temperature, sensors can notify you when the temperature lowers below a programmed threshold. Water leaks and moisture detection sensors work similarly with placement in areas you’d like monitored.

If an issue is detected, you will be notified immediately, and you can send the appropriate team or go to investigate the issue yourself. These solutions can help mitigate risk and prevent financial loss during bad weather events, electric outages, and flooding.

Chat with us at the bottom of your screen or call us today at 1-904-ALPHA95 to explore these security solutions and more. We can’t wait to assist you!