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Articles in Category: Home AV System

Stream in crystal clear 4K throughout your home with a sophisticated, easy-to-use, and fully integrated home AV system. Find out what you need to know here.

What’s New to Enjoy on Your Home AV System?

Apple TV+ and Disney+ Bring New Immersive Entertainment Options to Your Screen

What’s New to Enjoy on Your Home AV System?

The old joke about cable TV used to be that there's "500 channels and nothing to watch." For some people, that may still hold true about cable. When it comes to today's streaming service options, it's impossible to run out of high-quality programming to watch. Where Netflix once used to be the home of syndicated TV series and obscure movies and documentaries, the company's original content now contends for Academy Awards. Amazon Prime Video offers a host of options, Hulu offers both catch-up TV and a streaming service that approximates cable offerings, and there are high-quality programming and movies from HBO and Showtime with no cable required.

We could go on, but we’d like to highlight a couple of new services that have recently made a splash, from industry giants Apple and Disney. Part of what’s even more exciting about these services is that they’re offering content in the latest video and audio formats that take full advantage of your home AV system in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

What’s new with these two new video streaming options? Keep reading.

How Does Your Home AV System Work?

Get to know distributed audio-video and learn how you can stream content through your entire house

How Does Your Home AV System Work?

We've all been here: it's time to sit down for the big game, but you need to get the snacks ready. You don't want to miss a second of the game, so you run and hope you can find the remote to turn on the TV to the right channel in time. But what if you could just tap a button on your tablet or smartphone and turn it on from the couch? And while you’re at it,  stream audio throughout invisible speakers in your rooms and hallways so you’ll still follow the play-by-play anywhere in the house? With a distributed home AV system in your Saint Augustine, FL property, you can do it. And it’s easy. Want to learn more? Keep reading.