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Articles in Category: TV Mounting

How You Can Hide Your Screens through TV Mounting

Bolster Your Home’s Interior Design With a Professional Concealment Solution

How You Can Hide Your Screens through TV Mounting

As a homeowner, you’ve likely encountered this situation before: You walk into your great room upon returning home from work, and the first thing your eyes are drawn to is your television’s giant black screen.

You might have accepted this interior design flaw as reality – that your TV is an essential part of your house and that they naturally negatively affect the flow of your spaces.

While we at Alpha Dog AVS agree that TVs are necessary components of any modern home, you don’t have to sacrifice your interior design to enjoy a high-quality viewing experience.

In this post, we explain how you can rid your Jacksonville-area home of the eye-sore of most screens through our custom TV mounting solutions.

The 3 Most Important Benefits of Mounting Your TV

Explore How Wall-Mounted TVs Enhance Your Viewing Experience

The 3 Most Important Benefits of Mounting Your TV

If you’re considering upgrading the TV in your home, we strongly believe there’s no better time to do so than now.

After all, it’s March.

That means some of the most prominent sporting events are approaching, from the NCAA men’s basketball tournament to the start of the Major League Baseball season and – at the beginning of April – the Masters.

But you don’t have to buy a brand-new television to enjoy an improved viewing experience. In fact, TV mounting might just be the perfect solution for your home in St. Augustine or throughout Northeast Florida.

How might mounting your television onto a wall improve your viewing experience? Just keep reading to find out.