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How an Home Security System Integrates into Your Daily Lifestyle

Keep Your Family & Home Safe with these Essential Security Solutions

How an Home Security System Integrates into Your Daily Lifestyle

Does a smart home security system feel like something too complicated for your St. Augustine, FL property? As your family’s safety is your top priority, you don’t want to take any chances – but your system should never be too hard for you to operate on a daily basis!

With, you can manage your whole smart home with zero hassle. Never let an overly daunting security system keep you from securing your property at all times. Explore how can elevate your smart security and integrate seamlessly everyday lifestyle by reading on below.

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Make Smart Security a Part of Your Routine

Sometimes, the hardest part of keeping up with a security system is remembering to arm it and frequently check in on it. But simplifies every aspect of your home security! You can easily incorporate your system into your daily routine by creating and setting “scenes” via your smart device.

Set a scene for any moment or occasion – waking up in the morning, preparing a meal, or leaving the house for a day or weeks. With just the tap of a button or a voice command, your system makes every solution spring into action.

Since interconnects various components of your smart home and security system, it makes it a breeze to group multiple solutions into one scene. Meaning, you can have a scene arm your security alarms, lock your doors, turn off all your lights, play music throughout the house, or adjust your smart thermostat. There won’t be any confusion or complications! makes it easy to accommodate any situation or security scenario.

Protective Coverage for Your Whole Property ensures that you never have to worry about a single area of your property. With 24/7 protection from a professional monitoring service, you won't fret that something is amiss at home, whether you’re there or away. Get instant notifications sent straight to your smartphone whenever something happens, letting you access video surveillance and complete control over your system within seconds.

From smart door locks and whole-property surveillance to fire and carbon monoxide detectors, covers your entire home, keeping you and your family safe, always. You can rest assured and gain much-needed peace of mind, whether you’re sleeping under your own roof or halfway across the globe on vacation.

Want to find out more about security solutions for your home? Give our team at Alpha Dog Security a call or use the chatbox at the bottom of the screen to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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